September News

Sep 12


Things are comin’ along…our new video for the song JUST ABOUT NOW is about ready to be released.  I’m giving visitors to the website a sneak preview. Enjoy

Matt Keating – Just About Now

Additionally, i’ve gotten some great new reviews i wanted to share with you. Here from No Depression this month:

“Keating incorporates the breadth and depth of Dylan, John Hiatt, Randy Newman and Alejandro Escovedo and yet still leaves his own sterling impression. Wrong Way Home provides continuing proof Keating’s on the right path, one that ought to bring him closer to the acclaim he so clearly deserves.”-No Depression

“This album was a really pleasant surprise, from a songwriter who I must confess I hadn’t heard of before. I’m sticking my neck out, but I believe some of Matt Keating’s work here can stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the best of Harry Nilsson’s work.” – Whisperin’ and Hollerin’ IRELAND

More news to come!!!  peace out…matt


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