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QUIXOTIC. a double disc set, is the result of a reunion of sorts with long-time friend and producer ADAM LASUS (Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah). Performing on the record are DUANE JARVIS (Lucinda Williams, Frank Black, PF Sloan), JASON MERCER (Ron Sexsmith, Ana Egge) and JORDAN RICHARDSON (Oliver Future). For Keating, this record was really about re-connecting with the plain old fun of playing in a band, writing songs, and recording.

Matt Keating’s three albums ‘Tell It To Yourself’ (1993), ‘Scaryarea’ (1995) and ‘Killjoy’ (1997) established a distinctive sound that split the difference between folk-rock and power pop, and favored words and music over angst and posture. While Keating’s music is often labeled Americana, it is in fact inspired by a broad range of influences; traditional country, old school punk and classic songwriters.

For his 4th album Matt decided to choose an endangered format (the long-playing record-album) to perform some much-needed resuscitation on the great lost art of the album. It’s exactly the kind of implausible, foolishly romantic, unabashedly retrograde quest that deserves a title like ‘QUIXOTIC’. And so it seems perfectly natural that QUIXOTIC should also be a double CD collection of 23 new songs.

However, ‘QUIXOTIC’ is no rock opera. Instead, like two sides of a vinyl LP, each of the 40-or-so minute discs are, essentially, two perfectly paced legs of the same destination-anywhere road trip.

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